How to Use Our Site

We are very glad that you’ve found us.  This site is prepared for your reading enjoyment and aim to expand your reading list.  Currently, the site is accessible for viewing/reading without registering/logging in.  However, some time in the future, registration and logging in may be required.  Also, as we are at the early stage of building the content, we ask for your patience.  We welcome any suggestions on how we can improve our services and in hearing any interests in specific titles that you would like to see translated.  We will do our best to provide what you are looking for as quickly as possible.

How to Submit Your Novel(s)

If you are an author, we would love to hear from you.  If you are looking to expand your readership for your original works, we would like to feature your books on our site.  To have your novel posted, you must be registered with our site then simply provide the following information:

  •             Author/Pen/Your Name
  •             Short Biography
  •             Contact Information
  •             Title of Your Book
  •             Title Cover Page
  •             Synopsis/Description
  •             Submit 1 or 2 chapters

Once your information and the title have been reviewed, your name will be added to the Author’s List, and your book will be featured.  Please note that we upload one chapter at a time as some authors may be in the midst of developing their stories.  Once your initial chapter(s) has been approved and posted on our site, please feel free to submit subsequent chapters as you feel comfortable.  We aim to post any submitted chapters within 1-2 week(s) from the time of the submission date.

Please note that we do not provide direct way for you to post your books to our site at this time.  We hope to provide that function as we make more comprehensive progress in terms of developing our site’s content.  Also, we are not able to provide any financial compensation for your submitted works at this time.  Sometime in the future, we hope to make, in some shape or form, offering financial compensations to the authors a reality.  We will update you, the authors, with that process when that becomes possible.


Please enjoy the stories that are provided by hard working translators and the authors of original titles.  As you read each chapter, your feedback is highly appreciated by every author, translator, and the site manager.  We welcome and look forward to hearing from you with respect to how you are enjoying the story that you are reading, your suggestions on specific titles that you may want to read in the future, any suggestions on how we can improve what we do, and/or any other thoughts that you may want to share with us.  We hope that you enjoy our site and help us in improving the overall services that we provide to you.