Max Level Newbie: Chapter 195

Chapter 195.  The Collision

Powell grimaced as he looked at the demon.

His height was well over 10 meters, yet that wasn’t all that much out of the ordinary.

That was because it would be easy to run into a devil with much bigger size than he was in many demon worlds.

However, demonic faces were painted all over his body, like wall paper.

And seeing him salivate was so grotesque that it almost caused Powell to vomit due to the sense of disgust it caused.

 ‘….What the heck is he.  A new type of demon, perhaps.’

As he didn’t want any interruption to his research, he had set up his laboratory in an annihilated demon world.

Hence, he thought that that bastard could be one of the naturally formed demons.

However, it did not take very long for him to recognize the familiarity of the energy which was resonating from that monster.

That was, the unidentifiable hand which he has been immersed in researching on, the hand that was given to him by Vulcan.

After briefly turning his attention in to that direction, Powell initiated a conversation with Rock Seeger as if he understood it, at last.

 “Ah, I see.  You, you came all the way here to reclaim your hand?  It looks like you’ve already regenerated, so why take the trouble to come all the way over here…..”

 “Krrrr…..  Krreuk.”

However, it was impossible to talk to Rock Seeger as he had already lost all of his rationality.

Powell felt disappointed, yet with some anticipation, he talked to him again as he looked at him.

 “It’s sad that I can’t talk to you.  I had so many questions.  Like how you absorb demon energy, how you concentrate that power and use it, and whether there are any side effects in using that demon energy…  But, it looks like there are so many side effects.  You, you look so bone headed?”

 “Krreuk?  Krrrr…..”

Rock Seeger stood there like a dummy who did not understand what was being said.

Powell sighed as he looked at the bastard.

 “Phew.  I guess you can’t communicate.  Looking at you, I suddenly lost my appetite to study your hand, anymore.”

Powell shook his head wildly.

In fact, by using Rock Seeger’s hand, he was studying to find a way to transform the substance of the absorbed demon energy into more stable demon power.

When he realized that the powers, which were felt from the sample of the several demon kings in a number of demon worlds, were in this hand, he remembered being thrilled to know that there was a way for non-demon being to utilize the demon energy.

So, after having seen that potential, Powell has been researching that subject for several tens of years, and although small, he was making a good progress.

However, if the price for using the demon energy was ending up with a grotesque appearance, like that, and a mental capacity without any rationality, then….

 ‘It’s better to just die.’

Of course, as his desire to learn was explosive, Powell would not completely forgo the research.

Only that, he would just delay it until he would reach a level much higher than now.

On top of that, rather than just a hand, having that bastard’s entire body as the study subject would increase the probability of completing his research more perfectly.

Powell smiled as he thought that he would be able to deliver a more complete result in the future.

Although he knew that his counterpart will not understand, he tried to talk to him once more.

 “As I studied your hand…. I learned a lot even though I failed to change the substance of the demon energy into power.  I even raised my level in the process of analyzing it, too.”


 “As a thank you, I’ll show you that achievement.”

He more or less recognized what was being said, perhaps.

Rock Seeger laughed out loud as if there was no tomorrow as soon as he heard Powell say that.


The bastard showed a different side of him from quietly observing Powell until now, and the laughter was very displeasing to him, as if it was saying that ‘he has roughly finished assessing him and that you were of no match’ to him.

It was similar to provoking the opponent.

Of course, Powell wouldn’t be stoked by that.

Having distanced himself from his laboratory, he, too, laughed out loud as he looked at Rock Seeger.


Of course, as Powell was in the shape of a small imp, the impact of his laughter was much smaller than Rock Seeger.

However, out of his body, there emitted a bright light, and his body eventually grew as big as a mountain.

Having recovered his brave dragon body, covered with crimson scale, the sound of his laughter became totally differently than earlier.

Sounding with near deafening resonance, and accompanying overwhelming power that could shrivel the opponent, his laughter caused Rock Seeger to anger.

It wasn’t just the face that was on his shoulders, but it was also the gigantic face on his solar plexus, and hundreds and thousands of faces on his body were all saying the same thing.

Powell said as he looked at him ludicrously.

 “Come.  You eye monster.”


In a reversal, Powell’s provocation caused the deformed, horrific looking Rock Seeger to react.

Powerfully rolling his feet, he launched at Powell like a bullet, and smile grew brighter on Powell’s face as he faced Rock Seeger.

Rock Seeger’s fists indiscriminately went after Rock Seeger.

And Powell executed a tail attack in order to trample it down.

As they collided in the air, a sound of loud explosion was made.


That was how the battle between the two ultimate warriors commenced.


The physical capability of Rock Seeger, the deformed entity of terror, couldn’t be followed up by any other.

The capabilities with respect to his vision, physical mobility, and muscular powers easily bypassed those of the ordinary demons.

On top of that, the massive, dense demon energy, being spewed out of him, was as if it belonged to a great demon king, such that he could easily be mistaken for a true devil.

Of course, the fact that he wasn’t a devil was well known by Powell.

It was because the aura of humanity, which couldn’t be felt from the demonic energies of the demons, was also present in him.

 ‘Can’t understand it….Can’t even fathom what has been the foundation.  Perhaps, he was a demon scholar type, like me.  Or did something go wrong in the process of demonic arrival….Whatever it was, perhaps, he is a product of many elements coincidentally having had come together.  Hmm, interesting.’

He was a life being which couldn’t even be guessed what it was.

On top of that, even after he had met Vulcan, he has continued to evolve by absorbing demons.  His current power was so strong that Vulcan wouldn’t have any chance with him, even for a second, in the old days.  Yet….

 ‘He still won’t be a match for me, though!’

Powell was conceited beyond being confident.

However, he certainly had the right to have such thoughts.

Powell’s fight power was beyond anyone’s imagination, even bypassing the accolades which were given to Rock Seeger, earlier.

In fact, the difference in the specs, or the stats based on the players’ standard, was minimal between the two of them.

Although it could be said that Powell would be a bit ahead, it was still not big enough to produce much meaningful difference in the result.

However, the special magic which Powell invoked in the air made the conditions more advantageous for him, and being enraged, Rock Seeger was only getting pushed back.

Lama’s eyes.

The highest level of detection magic, which allowed one to discretely observe from high above and without being seen, allowed him to see every move of the opponent.

Despite being practically equal, that ability was what was setting them apart, and allowed Powell to produce the overwhelming outcome.

Every move of Rock Seeger.

And the most minute movement of his muscles which allowed his mobility.

He was able to capture every aspect of the relevant vision, breathing, and everything else about his movements as they were transmitted to Powell via Lama’s eyes, thus able to create the most optimized outcome.

Rock Seeger’s attacks were nullified by supremely evasive maneuvers and Powell showed incredible attacks, targeting the most vulnerable parts, in each and every time.

It wasn’t just the magic of ‘Lama’s Eyes’, but also came from the ability to instinctively accept the information from that and act accordingly based on the ‘battle experience’ which Powell had.




As if he has already sensed it, Powell dodged the disturbance of the demon energy which was shot out of Rock Seeger’s hand, and launched fire type magic at the most opportune time.

Although Rock Seeger guarded against it, using his powerful arm, he couldn’t help, but be surprised by the crushed debris of the flame, once again, growing in size and attacking him like comets.


In the end, for the first time since the battle ensued, Rock Seeger was bounced backwards to a substantial distance, after getting hit by the fire crackers.

He was flung far up into the sky to be only visible like a small dot, but then he used all his might to bring himself to a stop, and came back down to the ground.


He was as angry as the countless faces on his body began to grind their teeth.

It was his immediate intention to pierce into Powell’s heart and pull it out, but doing so didn’t look that easy.

Well, it wasn’t just not easy…

Feeling the sense of a cold breeze travel down his back, he looked down, in fear, at Powell who was way down below.

The huge, red physique being was smiling brightly.

The bastard’s tail rose way up into the sky, and at the same time, even blindly flashing magic exploded.


A sum of 28 total fire columns!

They, like powerful, exploding lava, rose up from the ground.

It was one of the most destructive skills of all of Powell’s many thousands of flame type skills!

All of them were flying towards Rock Seeger, covering every bit of Rock Seeger’s escape route, and the bastard quickly guarded himself by crouching down and covering his façade with his arms and knees.

Of course, just because he was defending himself did not mean that he could escape without sustaining damage.

He wiggled in every which way by letting out terrible shrieking sounds as if thousands of demons were screaming at the same time.

Looking at Rock Seeger who was like a squid which has been thrown into a camp fire, Powell laughed sarcastically, and moved to the back of him at the moment the magic nearly ended.

Then when the bastard, who turned red from being cooked in the fire, raised his head and he used his tail to pierce through Rock Seeger’s head.


It was as if a spear, rather a wide tree trunk was used to cause Rock Seeger’s head to explode.

Like the strings of a marionette have been cut, he fell to the ground, slouching.

And Powell looked at him as if it sickened him.

 ‘Phew.  What a gross bastard.  Can’t believe that the only way to end him was to use the barbaric eyes….  Also, it was incredible that he withstood until the end of the flame festival skill.  I’ve used up so much magic power, because of that.’

However, Powell soon put on a brighter countenance.

At any rate, it didn’t matter that he used up so much magic power, now that the battle has ended.

In fact, he was even subtly smiling at the thought of obtaining another awesome life form’s specimen for the purpose of his research.

However, his thoughts were too premature.

 “Krrr…. Krrrreeuk.”

Rock Seeger who fell to the ground with a thud.

The bastard who was thought to have died for sure raised his upper body, as if nothing has happened, after letting out only a quiet groan.

 “….What the.”

Powell was in shock.

Without paying much attention to Powell, Rock Seeger just went ahead, doing what he was going to do.

He felt his body with his hands as if he was searching for something, then he stopped when his hand reached a face.



As if he was pulling out a plant by its root, Rock Seeger pulled the head from his body.

After pulling out the head like that, he placed it on top of his shoulders, and after some time, he fully recovered his original physique, and stared directly at Powell.

On top of that, the many faces which had been burned and dissipated, and they were all replaced with freshly grown new faces. 

Powell responded in awe at the scene of not only grotesque, but amazing phenomenon.


Then opening a space of his own, he took out a potion and quickly drank it before engaging Rock Seeger in a conversation.

 “Those faces…. So many of them must have been hiding inside your body?”


Ignoring Powell’s comments, Rock Seeger threw himself toward Powell, in an all out attack.

Powell quietly murmured after dodging the bastard’s attacks by using high speed flying magic.

 “I’ll crush all those faces for you.”

The 2nd round has begun.

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