Max Level Newbie: Chapter 196

Chapter 196.  The Collison (2)

The ground turned red like molten lava. 

Fires poured down from the sky.

And through the falling fires, the two gigantic beings repeatedly collided and separated.

Due to the incredible forces with which they attacked each other, the surrounding area has become completely devastated.

In fact, describing it as the surrounding area wasn’t even fitting due to the desolate condition.

Their awesome battle was not confined to a single area, but rather they were engaged in the fight as they travelled throughout the entire demon world.

Had it been on earth, at least ½ of the human population would have been crumbled into obliteration in the midst of their powerful battle.

And in the center of it all, Powell stood firm.

He certainly appeared to fit the name, god of war, as he was still spewing out incredibly powerfully fire magic.

And rather than just relying on his magic, he was utilizing his unique dragon physique in launching blitz attacks, driving Rock Seeger to perpetual predicament.








Although he trampled down on Rock Seeger’s body after taking advantage of a perfect chance to attack, like when someone would yell chess mate in a chess game having been setting up the opponent for a while, it was all in vain.

As if there was an unlimited supply, demon faces endlessly grew out of his body, and physically recovered soon after.

Seeing that, Powell put on a serious expression on his face.

He was still pushing Rock Seeger to a limit.

Regardless, however, he felt that the situation was turning badly for him.

Even after having pushed Rock Seeger to a near death situation, the bastard was showing a relaxed composure.

It was as if he was telling Powell to continue as it would not have any effect.

Although, Powell briefly thought that Rock Seeger might be bluffing, he soon thought otherwise since he believed that bastard lacked such a complicated strategy.

Of course, having realized that it would be a long dragging out battle, he was drinking potion, right after every successfully launched attack, but there was a limit to how much his body could absorb the effect.

Ultimately, it was not possible to defeat the bastard, in this way.

 ‘So, thought about burning him up by continuing to cause damage on him with large scale magic, but…’

As he utilized great maneuvering skill to distance his big body from the effective area, not much damage was made.

Of course, he continued to use additional magic, having the large scale magic as the background, to try to restrain him for a longer period, but….

 ‘All those faces that grew on him… The magic energy which was spewed out of all those countless mouths formed a powerful protective shield.  Sufficient enough to endure, that is…. Phew.  How can there be such a life form?  I really want to dissect it to study!’

However, thinking about the current situation, it was difficult to even guarantee his life, let alone wanting to dissect him.

After sighing out loud, he focused his senses to his own sealed deity power.

Although the demon king had been faded away, due to the overwhelming demon energy that remained in the demon world, he wasn’t able to effectively use the deity power.

Even though his deity power wasn’t as powerful as other gods, he was regretful as he knew that whatever he could have mustered would certainly be helpful in such a tight situation.

However, he shook his head in the end as he threw away that thought.

He knew very well that that kind of what if scenario was a useless thing.

He has fought a countless number of battles, and there have also been many times in which he fought with large penalties assigned to him, before he rose to his current position.

However, in all those battles, he had never made any excuses.

He just did his best to tear up, smash, and destroy his enemies.

And the same result will be achieved with the foe, which was before his eyes, at the moment.

 “That lazy Vulcan seems to engage in fights only at the most optimal situation, but…. Hmmm.”

Powell murmured to himself without even knowing it.

As soon as he was finished speaking to himself, he once again poured magic down on Rock Seeger.

The bastard regenerated in an instant, then he moved to here and there as he dodged the magic, and he tried all he could in order to launch a single attack at Powell.

Looking at it, up to this point, everything seemed to be the same, familiar flow.

However, Powell used a subtle scheme, such that Rock Seeger could not read his intention.

The ultimate detection magic of the Lama eyes which has been used continually.

After taking that away, he redirected the magic required to use the detection magic, by spreading it throughout the air.

Rock Seeger’s movement pattern has already been analyzed during the time of the long battle, anyway.

So even without the help of the Lama’s eyes, Powell was able to push the bastard to the limit.

 ‘Restraining is not my cup of tea, but… There is nothing else I can think of at this juncture.  There is not enough fire power to eliminate him in an instant, so let’s go with this!’

After finishing his thoughts, Powell kept attacking Rock Seeger as he has been doing.

All the while, he kept spreading the colorless, odorless, and tasteless magic into a wide space, and by carefully controlling the flow of the battle, he did his best so that Rock Seeger could not move to a different location.

Several minutes have passed like that.

It was at the moment when he thought that he could most likely constrain the bastard’s enormous physical power.

Extending out his right arm, he gripped his hand into a fist.


Then like a pool of piranhas, magical sculpture pieces congregated around Rock Seeger!

In order to withstand the awesome pressure from it, Rock Seeger unknowingly curled his body into a shrimp like posture.

However, rather than attacking Rock Seeger, the magic power began to congregate at some distance away from him, and began to form a transparent sphere.


With an expression of not understanding what was going on, Rock Seeger stared at the transparent magic power which was engulfing him.

After looking at it in a dumbfounded way for a while, he rushed to hit the engulfed sphere with his head as he yelled loudly.


However, the colorless prison Powell has made with all his great efforts, not even a small dent was made by that head butting.

Then the bastard became anxious as he turned to look at Powell, at which time a poem was being recited by him.

 “Eternal fire.”


The eternal fire, which was the most powerful perpetual fire type magic, was filling the transparent sphere.

Rock Seeger screamed out loud in pain inside the sphere which was burning up like a new comet, rather like the sun. 




Each one of the faces on his body wailing in different, grotesque tone in high, low pitches, the sound of the cries reverberated throughout the body, and losing life, slowly dispersed like ink in water. 

The newly grown demon face which replaced the one dissipated also disappeared after spewing out shrieking noise.

As if to demonstrate a small hell, the terrible scene lasted for a long while.

Of course, Powell had no idea with respect to what was going on inside that sphere.

The eternal fire was burning up even stronger, compared to the magic power which he was able to invoke.

As the light that emitted out in that process was so powerful, it wasn’t possible to see the inside of the sphere.

Hence, all he could do was to continue to invoke magic, as much and as long as he could.

He could not rest easy based on the regenerative and recovery abilities which Rock Seeger has shown him, up to now.

At least, so that he would have no regrets.

Even at the cost of overextending his body by keep drinking the potion, only the thought of wanting to burn up the bastard with all the magic which he could muster filled Powell’s head.

However, Powell did not know.

That was, the incredible amount of magic power and concentration that were needed to keep the eternal fire, going.

Because of that, he wasn’t aware of what was happening within the sphere, as something was approaching him in the form of a critical disadvantage.


Something unbelievable was happening with the biggest face which was attached to the bastard’s solar plexus.

With the large mouth, Rock Seeger was eating up the space and the dimension.

After eating up all the demons of Galacko Dimension, the ability to teleport to another dimension was initiated with the desire to eat something else.

Rock Seeger was able to wander around the other demon worlds by escaping from the tiring life in the Galacko Dimension, and ultimately, he has come to this place by eating up all the demons he wanted.

Of course, Rock Seeger did not use this ability during the battle.

It wasn’t a very useful skill to execute in the middle of the battle, requiring instantly traveling between the dimensions, since it was quite cumbersome and time consuming to create a crack by eating. 

However, it was a good enough last resort type of ability in such a dangerous situation, and fortunately for him, Powell was not able to see the bastard’s intention.

After eating up and creating a big enough space for him to escape, Rock Seeger quickly escaped from the sphere.

After recovering his physical condition with all his might while he was in between the spaces, he kept eating the space as he thought about where he was going to appear.

To run away?

Certainly not.

Where would he go by leaving the bastard that gave him so much pain, in peace.

Hence, he moved his mouth with all his might in order to appear behind Powell who kept invoking eternal fire on him, and finally, he was able to create enough space to poke his head out of the sphere.

Having already forgotten all the pain, Rock Seeger smiled with the anticipation that he would soon satisfy his appetite.

It was when his head suddenly appeared behind Powell who kept his focus on the colorless sphere with his eternal fire magic.

And it was when his gigantic mouth opened wide in order to bite down and chew up Powell from the back of his head.

 “Powell!  Behind you!”

Another person appeared at the battle field.


Vulcan was slightly worried as he entered the demon world of the Agameth Dimension where Powell’s lab was located.

It was because although Powell was very easy going, he would show high level of sensitivity when it came to someone interrupting his research.

However, despite that, Vulcan had no choice, but to pay him a visit.

It wasn’t because he wanted to issue an ‘official challenge’ to his former teacher, as he had originally intended.

It was just….

It was something that made him uncomfortable and suffocating.

It was none other than that uncertain, imaginative feeling.

It was the thought that he would have nothing to say even when he was to be chastised with ‘are you a dumb, 7 year old child!

However, he came as his heart was telling him.

Although he has not lived as long as other gods, he was, after all, a ‘deity’.

And that awesome being didn’t think that he would have such ominous feeling for no reason.

It must have been based off of some inexplicable feeling, similar to what the humans might call ‘the 6th sense’.

That mysterious thing kept warning him, so he thought.  Hence, he came to visit Powell who was the most trusted being in Act 3.

 ‘To also tell him that that monster bastard had disappeared from the Galacko Dimension, too…’

Hence, he came to Powell’s research lab for the purposes of shaking off that indefinite discomforting feeling, and informing of that special news.

Therefore, Vulcan could not have imagined it, at all.

That was, as soon as he entered the space that he would see the active obliteration of the demon world with incredibly loud noises.

Also that he would discover here, the being, which he could not locate even after searching every corner of the entire Galacko Dimension.

And on top of that that the grotesque being would have its filthy mouth wide open, and about to devour Powell who was like his teacher.

 “Powell!  Behind you!”

He reflexively took out his sword and shouted loudly towards Powell.

He hoped that his screaming at him was not too late.

And so Powell, who was the only formidable opponent for him, would survive this danger.

However, his wishful thinking did not come to fruition.


Paddeuck, Paddddeeeuk.


Crunching as if he was enjoying dry nuts, Rock Seeger was immersed in his meal after biting off the back part of Powell’s head.

When he saw the bastard, Vulcan froze right on the spot.

He was instantly petrified on the spot with his mouth open, the sword raised, and in the motion of about to dash forward toward them.

However, Rock Seeger did not pay him any attention, even though he remained motionless, as if everything in that space has been frozen.

The bastard desired Powell’s corpse like a pig as if he has never seen anything so tasty in his entire life.

It could be said that he had the disposition of a chimera born essentially out of its predatory nature.

Yet, even he was filled with such desire, appetite, and greed.

He could not, not see the powerful flame which suddenly exploded with blinding flash.


Having sensed something unusual, Rock Seeger quickly raised his head.

With fiery eyes, Vulcan was leering at the bastard.

Finally, when his sword was swung, Vulcan felt some dimly sounding voice reaching his ear.

 [Weapon proficiency level has been increased from SS to SSS!]

Immediately after that, awesome power of depth lightning sword was released from his sword.

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