Max Level Newbie: Chapter 197

Chapter 197.  The Collision (3)

Was it because the depth lightning sword exploded under a non-optimal environment, and not well prepared state which he was used to?

Unable to form the perfect shape, the depth lightning sword’s energy headed toward Rock Seeger.

As the order of the execution of energies of the thunder god, hell king arrival, and the demon god’s protection was too quickly processed, there wasn’t any stability.

The thunderbolt and flame, which spewed out of the sword, showed instability as if they were about to be dispersed in every which way.

Furthermore, as the energy of the volcano explosion was not timed properly, it seemed as if the skill would not cause the 100 percent of its intended damage when it was to reach Rock Seeger.

However, it wasn’t that Vulcan’s attacks could be dismissed as if they were nothing.

Even if it was a half baked depth lightning sword, it was still a depth lightning sword.

When he attacked Kaozinta in the past, he wasn’t able to perfect the skill at 100 percent, yet that had been sufficient enough to deliver a near fatal power. 

On top of that, the current depth lightning sword was executed after the weapon proficiency has been raised to SSS level!

The mysterious sword skill which has been developed by using wrath as its catalyst, there would not be any being that could write off the spewing fire and thunder from that sword as nothing.

Rock Seeger, too, could not be free from this skill.

Sensing the great energy approaching him, Rock Seeger raised his head.

And he opened his mouth wide open as he no longer appeared relaxed.

The terrifying bulk energy, which was about to devour him, was approaching him!

On top of that, the speed was extremely fast, too.

Had he not been so keen on eating his meal, he would have been able to dodge it, but at this moment, all that he could do was to block it as it was too late block.

He quickly released smoke like demon energy through the demon faces on his back.

And as quickly as they coagulated to form a strong defensive wall, he grabbed Powell’s corpse and turned around.

It wasn’t clear how much damage he could suffer, but even in that moment, he showed his greed by trying to not lose his prey.

Of course, on the flip side, his action demonstrated some level of confidence that he ‘could defend against a skill executed by someone who was a level below him’…..

A moment later, at the moment Vulcan’s depth lightning sword exploded on his back.



He could only let out loud a scream.

He felt the pain which made it impossible to think of anything else.

Rock Seeger reflexively moved his hand over to his back due to the enormous pain he felt, even unable to think about the appetite which could be thought of as his only purpose for living.

However, he could not feel anything even after he knew that he should have touched something.

With pain filled eyes, he turned his eyes and anxiously looked down on his body.



To the right side of his vertebrae, no flesh could be found from the right side of his back down to his side as they were clearly blown away.

He let out another scream after seeing what looked like a big chunk of his flesh was bitten off by a great shark.


 “This is nothing… Cough.  Son of a bitch!”

Rock Seeger could not keep his mind straight from the unimaginable pain, and the fear which came from that.

Vulcan tried to launch a follow up attack at Rock Seeger, but vomiting blood, he knelt on his knee.

It was because his physical ability was stretched too far as he had forcefully executed the depth lightning sword at the rate much faster than what his ability could tolerate.

Fortunately, as the demon god’s protection spell which provided high level of stability in his skills was used, although sloppily at that, he was able to prevent his body from exploding, but it was a different story with respect to his inner organs.

Although it might not be as bad as Rock Seeger, it was certain that he suffered great damages.

Despite that, he did not give up as Vulcan stood up straight.

And he drank three bottles of potion at once, and he recomposed himself in order to use the depth lightning sword again.

Based on the scan result, Rock Seeger, who was in front of him, was at level 1,515.

He couldn’t tell how he was able to escape from the demon world of the Galacko Dimension, but he was already incomparably, much powerful than before.

Furthermore, Rock Seeger’s level was even higher than him even having had ascertained experience level with so much speed.

The bastard was not an easy opponent which could be defeated with that one skill alone.

On top of that, even under the current situation, the bastard’s level was slowly rising as well.

 [Rock Seeger, the deformed terrorizer]

 [1,516 Lv(Currently absorbing power after gorged on food)]

 [Characteristic:  Absolute evil]

 [Potential:  Impossible to measure]

* Currently absorbing the energy of the War God Powell. His capability is quickly rising.

Along with that, the bastard’s side was quickly regenerating and filling the void side.

Seeing that, Vulcan’s eyes flashed with sparks.

He was the one who took care of him the best since he entered Act 3.

Seeing Powell who had been like his friend, teacher, often an elder brother, and sometimes like an older sister who cared well for him, he could not contain his wrath as the bastard was using Powell’s life as the nutritive element.

His body heated up as if hot lava was flowing, instead of blood, and he felt he was breathing fire instead of air.

He was enraged with uncontrollable excitement, and in that volatile situation, the energy of the depth lightning sword began to flow on his sword, once again.



Pung!  Pung!

As they couldn’t be controlled well, the energies of the fire and thunder collided with each other, and made large sounds.

With that, Vulcan began to suffer more damages, and as more magic power was consumed, it became more burdensome.

However, having achieved the highest level of mental capability, Vulcan was ultimately able to direct the depth bomb energy to thunder, lightning sword which was his baby weapon.

Finally, raising his head, Vulcan looked straight at Rock Seeger who was wailing in pain.

By wishing to end everything with this one strike, he forcefully swung his sword with all he could muster.

The target was the solar plexus area which could be the foundation of the bastard’s being.



With his desperate, wishful yelling, the depth lightning sword manifested its fierce shape for the 2nd time.


The thunder and flame swept away everything in the vicinity like powerful hurricane.

Rock Seeger looked fearful by seeing the awesome power of the skill which no one, no matter how powerful one was in the demon world, could have demonstrated.

He was preparing to run away even before Vulcan could release the skill, in fact, even before Vulcan started to prepare for the skill for the 2nd time.

Of course, Rock Seeger didn’t want to.

Although he has become a monster which lost any capacity for reasoning, and has been living driven by only by his instinct, he was still quite confident of his accomplishments and power which he wielded.

As a result, it didn’t feel quite right for him to run away from the situation, because of that little, weak looking bastard.

However, the situation wasn’t optimal for him to face him directly.

In fact, he was already severely injured by the powerful dragon monster Powell.

On top of that, in his complacency, he was on the receiving end of another hit by that monkey like bastard.

Despite the fact that he was getting stronger by absorbing the best tasting, highly potent prey ever, it would still take him a while before he could fully recover his energy.


Ultimately, he has chosen to run away.

In fact, it wasn’t just a simple escape to another dimension, but he was thinking to go to a dimension where that bastard could not come after.

Thus, not even waiting for his body to fully recover, Rock Seeger quickly chewed up the empty space.

Fortunately, the pace of that effort was quicker than before.

Although the pain in his side was severe, he was able to focus easier than before when he had to endure the series of burning flame attacks. 

And finally, Rock Seeger succeeded in creating a crack in order to open a dimension.

With happy continence, he began to more quickly make the crack bigger.

However, his face immediately froze.

He felt, yet another terrible energy from his backside.

He felt the powerful waves of lightning and flame as if they have been released by the wrathful, god of destruction.


Fortunately, it felt as if the attack was coming in a slower pace than earlier.

And unlike the other times, the moment of sensing the attack was also quite faster.

Hence, if he wanted to, he would have easily dodged the attack, but Rock Seeger did not budge.

It was because he thought that if the crack to the dimension was to close, during the time that he dodged, he felt that he could be in a greater danger than now.

Instinctively having sensed that, Rock Seeger, turning away from the enormous pressure which he was feeling from his back side, quickly placed both of his hands into the crack.

And gritting his teeth, he gave everything he had.


The crack grew in size with the sound of a flag, made of cloth, ripping apart.

After putting the nearby corpse of Powell inside there, he quickly threw himself into the opening.

He was so anxious and in a hurry that his right leg got severed as he closed the dimension gate in a rush.

However, that decision turned out to be the right one for him.


As soon as the opening to the other dimension was closed, Vulcan’s depth lightning sword obliterated Rock Seeger’s leg as the force of the skill passed through.

And since he saved his life from that, Rock Seeger certainly benefitted from having escaped.

Of course, the exact opposite was true from Vulcan’s perspective.

Even without getting attacked a single time, Vulcan’s condition was a mess.

A lot of blood was flowing out of his mouth and made him appear to look like a grotesque skull head, as Vulcan kept coughing from that.

 “Cough, Couggh, krrruchk!  Damn it!  Couuugh, Kuuuuhk….”

He wanted to finish it no matter what the cost was.

To achieve the objective, he even forced his limit by twice executing the depth lightning sword, but he still failed to destroy the bastard.

What was more upsetting was the fact that he had no idea with respect to where the bastard went to.

The skill which Rock Seeger had just demonstrated was not just a mere skill to teleport to another dimension, but it was more in line with jumping over the walls of dimensions themselves.

Of course, he, too, had a tool which made it possible for him to teleport to other dimensions, but it was near impossible to visit all of over 100,000 dimensions in order to locate the bastard.

Furthermore, based on the most recent scan result, it was probable that the bastard would have completed absorbing Powell’s corpse, hence would have become a much stronger being, given the time.

Therefore, even if he was fortunate enough to locate the bastard, there was a good chance that he would end up getting overpowered by Rock Seeger.

 ‘…..Of course, I won’t be deterred by such probabilities or by his level.’

Vulcan recomposed himself after wiping his face dry of the flowing blood and tear.

Despite that, tear, mixed with blood, still kept coming out of his eyes, although he looked better than before.

He forced down the potion, then taking a lotus position on the ground, he focused on healing himself.

The death of Powell who he thought was one of his closest friends.

The sadness, the wrath from unable to prevent his death, and other complicated emotions, which kept arising from within, hindered his concentration, but he had to focus.

 ‘After recovering as quickly as possible, have to search the demon worlds, using the demon tool!’

The probability of locating Rock Seeger was mere 1/100,000.

Yet, that would be better than just sitting here doing nothing, and be sad over Powell’s death.

After organizing his thoughts that way, Vulcan tried to enter the meditation state even before he could wipe off his tears.

He unconsciously murmured.

 “Revenge…. I will revenge you no matter what it takes.  And I’ll save you…by clearing the Act 3, at all cost.  It was a wish which I had no other usage.  I’ll consider it as my payment for having allowed me to be a sparring partner with you.”

They were the words which contained hatred for Rock Seeger, and deep respect for Powell.

And someone responded to those words from behind him.

 “Hmm…I didn’t realize that you thought this highly of me?  It’s not a bad feeling.”


It was a familiar voice.

However, it was the voice which he thought he would never hear again.

That such voice was coming from behind him.

Highly surprised, and cringing, Vulcan hurriedly turned his head to look

And with the biggest eyes ever, he stared with his mouth wide open.


 “Ahahaha, that is such a great face!  Have you just gotten slapped by someone?”

It was the War God Powell who was playfully teasing Vulcan as he pointed at him.

Seeing Powell’s wholesome, unscathed physical being, Vulcan kept staring at him, dumbfounded.

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