Max Level Newbie: Chapter 199

Chapter 199.  The Proof (2)

There wasn’t any explosive sensation similar to which he had gotten from eating the demon kings.

Only that it satisfied his burning sense of thirst, and gave him comfortable feeling of fullness which only came from a deity.

That gave him a different kind of pleasure than from demon energy, and it greatly helped in filling the void which couldn’t be filled when he ate the countless number of demons.

The sensation was so incredibly satisfying that even Vulcan, who gave him so much pain, seemed kind to him.

Turning his head, he saw the Powell’s remnant in the immediate surrounding area.

He ate thoughtlessly at the beginning, but as he realized that there wasn’t much left, he ate slowly, savoring every bite that he took of him.

However, now there was only so little of him left, there was nothing more remaining to even try to conserve.


After thinking for a while, he swallowed his own saliva, and gathering Powell’s remaining parts, he shoved them into his mouth.

The sharp scales and hard bone pieces made a mess out of his mouth, but he did not care.

He was only feeling the incredible quantity of magic power as he just enjoyed the taste of the mysterious energy of the god.



After having completely eaten Powell’s corpse, a transformation took place in Rock Seeger’s body.

As it had always happened when he absorbed the countless many number of the demons, and as mysterious as it was, a brand new face grew out of his body.

However, it was a bit different, this time around.

As if to prove how powerful Powell was, a dragon’s head sprouted out from his neck, unlike the usual growth out of his body.

Two headed at this time, Rock Seeger sighed out deeply.

It was such a satisfying feeling for the first time in a long while.

However, the sense of euphoria did not last long.

Rock Seeger was a life form that did not know how to feel satisfied, or to refrain.

As a result, in order to taste and feel that ecstasy one more time, he has decided to go after Vulcan who had the similar ambience as that of Powell.

Padddeuk, Paddeuk.

To follow and chase after the prey’s smell, Rock Seeger began to make a crack into the dimension, once again.

By diligently moving his mouth, he was able to make even a bigger crack than before, and he felt many dimensions’ energies entering through it.

He didn’t care even though his sense of smell was being disturbed by the mixed smell of the demons, demon energies, rocks and trees, and all the strange things.

Rock Seeger’s concentration on the sense of smell and prey was so great that all those things didn’t bother him.

Finally, locating the smell of Vulcan, he smiled with satisfaction as he decided to approach him, then he stopped cold as another pleasing smell hit his nostrils.

It was the one who had put him, who had the acute ability to regenerate, in to a corner.

And the same one who allowed him to experience the ultimate taste which he did not have until now.

He felt the presence of Powell, once again.

And that wasn’t everything.

And as if they were the same race as Powell and Vulcan, he felt the presence of countless number of godly beings which couldn’t be felt from the demons. 

When he assessed it, Rock Seeger, without saying anything, fell into a deep thought by closing up the crack in the dimension.

Had he had only his instinct, like before, he would have immediately entered Asgarde, but he had some rationality, at this time, having absorbed Powell’s deity.

Hence, he realized that the beings that were present there weren’t just his simple preys, but possibly having to possess the powers to endanger his life.


Of course, that couldn’t permanently cause him to restrain his appetite, or desire.

After examining his own body which has now recovered to over 90 percent, he ran towards the spot where he felt the most powerful demon energy.


Destroying everything in his path, Rock Seeger instantly arrived at the demon king’s castle.

He crushed the demon king, who came out agitated with a single punch and absorbed him by gulping him down without even chewing.

And then indiscriminately hunting down the demons that looked at him flabbergasted, he made strange laughing sound.

 “What….What the heck is that!”


The demons of the demon world ran off as if they were the herbivores being chased by wild carnivore.

Chasing after them happily, Rock Seeger thought.

When in fact, he was to enhance his powers to a sufficient level to face his own race, including the dragons.

That will be when the true feast was going to begin.


It wasn’t usual to have many gods to be gathered in one area in Act 3 of Asgarde.

It was because about half of the gods were in the lower worlds in order to protect the humans, and the rest of the gods discouraged themselves from interfering with others as they were focused on their own worlds that they did not have much spare time.

Of course, there were occasions in which the gods would gather in the groups of threes or fours and shared information during their break times, but it wasn’t an overstatement to say that they did not gather in one spot in great numbers.

As a result, at this time, it could be deemed highly unusual to have the gods to be gathered here, at Hoculus’ urging.

One by one, emitting bright light, gods came up to Asgarde and talked to each other, asking what made him to call on them.

However, no god knew the exact reason, and they just waited curiously for Hoculus

After waiting a little while, they saw Hoculus and Honus slowly walking out of a blue portal.

The gods could assess that something big has taken place based on the hardened looks on the brothers’ faces.

The countless number of the gods in Act 3 waited silently until Hoculus stood on the top of the platform.

Hoculus began to spoke with power and authority towards them.

 “A message from the supreme god.”


 “He said that a very powerful foe that could threaten the gods and Asgarde was going to appear…. within several hundred years….perhaps, 200 years later.”


Hearing Hoculus’ words, the gods looked at him in awe.

As an event which they had never thought about was being thrown out to them, their thought process had come to a sudden halt.

However, that did not last long.

One by one, recovering their senses, they murmured as if they couldn’t understand it.

 “What being could possibly threaten the gods.”

 “That’s what I’m saying.  Even the demon kings of the demon world cannot display well formed powers in lower worlds, including Asgarde…..”

 “However….we can’t simply disregard the message from the supreme god, either….”

The gods looked doubtful.

But, that was only natural.

Who were they.

The Act 1 where the most powerful ones from each dimension were gathered, and It was Act 2, where only the strongest ones from Act 1 could enter.

And they were the recognized ones, as the post powerful ones like the monsters of Act 2, who had the power to be approved to rule the lower worlds.

The minimal condition of being a god was whether or not one could defeat a demon that invaded a lower world, so it wasn’t possible for them to doubt about their own powers.

If so, the one that could threaten them was also extraordinarily powerful, and that, too, couldn’t be believed so easily, either.

In fact, a few of them subtly expressed that perhaps, Hoculus was joking with them.

However, seeing the seriousness on Hoculus and Honus brothers throughout the entire time, they began to realize that they didn’t say it as a joke, and soon turned serious, themselves.

 ‘Must be true….’

 ‘Ha, what should we do.’

However, even if that was true, no one truly thought seriously about the foe that could threaten their very being.

It was because there was no information on the foe, at all, but it was also true that the over confidence which they had in themselves also contributed them to have such thoughts, as well.

Therefore, despite Hoculus’ seriousness, they did not give much credence to this event.

They only thought to pay more attention to ruling their respective lower worlds than before.

However, not everyone was thinking about it in such lame terms, either.

Vulcan who closely failed to capture the terrible being called Rock Seeger about a month ago thought differently.

After exchanging looks with Powell who was next to him, he thought to himself.

 ‘It definitely sounds like that bastard…..’

But he wasn’t certain.

However, having experienced the things beyond the lower worlds and Asgarde, like all different sorts of demon worlds, and Naraka which was called the true hell, he was thinking…..

It was also true that nothing more threatening than that sickening chimera existed.

Powell, too, nodded as if he was in agreement with him.

After reaffirming each other’s thoughts like that, they paid close attention to Hoculus’ words.

 “I said it in grandiose fashion, but ultimately, there is nothing we could do.  We could just simply love and protect the lower world as we have been doing, and build more deity through that, and reborn as more powerful beings.  I think that that is the only way to improve Asgarde’s power, and the only thing that we should be doing.  Only that.”

Having said that, Hoculus took a pause, and met the eyes of the gods that were looking at him.

The gods appeared to think that something big was about to happen, but they could not accept it in their hearts.

Feeling regret for that, Hoculus continued by giving more seriousness and power in his speech.

 “From now on, including myself, a few of the more experienced gods will teach and coach the less experienced gods.  Although it is customary to not get involved after the initial training program, but…. based on the importance of the situation, will make an exception.  Think of it as an old man’s request.”

A sense of complaining expressions passed by several gods as they heard Hoculus.

That was only natural.

As they have never had the experience of being underneath someone since the birth, Hoculus’ words touched them in uncomfortable ways for sure.

However, there was not a single, young god that protested, either.

Although Hoculus was in the same position as a god, needless to say, he has fought and had much more experience in terms of working hard to maintain the world.

As such a god was pleading with them in subservient manner, they could not simply express their complaints and insist on their own opinions.

Of course, there were some who really did not care for those mannerisms.

A healthy physique woman who came forward by pushing aside the gods in front of her.

When everyone’s attention was on the war god Powell, who came forth in such a sudden way, he spoke calmly.

 “I pass.  Depending on too much on the power of god doesn’t go well with me.  I’ll train as I have been doing, so far.”


Powell said what was on his mind without paying much attention to others.

Many gods stared at him with glaring eyes, but he didn’t care.

He did not care what others thought to begin with anyway, but he also believed that his own actions were warranted.

Even after becoming a god, he distanced himself from building deity power, but instead, endlessly researched on the physical and magical powers.

And he also ascertained much great successes through that.

And as many gods knew of his, such experience, no one spoke out even if Powell’s current posture made them uncomfortable.

 “Well… For Powell.  He has become sufficiently powerful through that method.’

 ‘He has no manners, but certainly Powell would be better off training on his own terms…..’

Hoculus nodded as he saw no one had any differing opinions from Powell, even though they were showing displeased expressions.   

For a god like Powell, he should certainly be able to develop his own future.

Although he often demonstrated different characteristics from the other gods, and acted in his ill mannered ways, Powell did not worry too much.

It was when the meeting was about to end, after that short disturbing moment.

One other god also expressed his own thought, following Powell.

 “I, too, want to continue the training as I see fit.”

The ambience was suddenly turned heavy and silent.

The other gods, once again, cringed as an immature newbie like one spoke.

The level of detesting was on a completely different plain than when Powell said it.

The situation turned so rough that even the gods that valued courtesy among each other began to murmur in displeasure.

But then that was natural.

It was because the one who said was not recognized as having been verified as having the power like Powell, or has been respected by others like Hoculus, over a long time.

It was the being that could be considered as a child god that had only spent a few hundred years, only in Asgarge.

However, like Powell, he continued nonchalantly after looking around at the other gods.

 “It is commendable to build deity powers, but I’d like to continue to train myself based on swordsmanship and magic.”

Not having any sense of understanding the situation, he just spoke what was on his mind.

Vulcan turned to Hoculus.

With the eyes filled with confidence.

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