Record of a Thousand Lives: Chapter 25

 [The special ability of the silver mane wrist guard has been activated.

An ancient wolf’s spirit will manifest and possess the item’s wearer.

Depending on the owner’s weapon, the nature of the wolf spirit will change.

If too many wolf spirits are summoned in a short period of time, they may turn on the wearer.

You are wielding a great sword.  An appropriate ancient wolf spirit will manifest.]

It was the silver mane wrist guard, which Kang Yoonsoo obtained in the Ultica Ruins.

Kang Yoonsoo has just triggered the item’s special ability.

The strange light which flowed out of the wrist guard formed a blurry shape.

It was a red wolf, whose size was even larger than Lavian.


Everyone was in awe.

White was especially shocked, and looked as if the world had suddenly come to an end.

 “Karuk?  Lironomoke!”

The red wolf howled fiercely.


The spirit of the wolf rushed over and flowed into Kang Yoonsoo’s body.

The red energy completely engulfed Kang Yoonsoo.

 [The powerful wolf Auron has entered the wearer.

Physical strength greatly increased.

Muscle mass greatly enhanced.

Damage resistance strengthened.

Resistance to fire and ice increased.

You can now handle a two handed weapon with one hand.

You can now move as fast as a tornado.

After a fixed amount of time, you will suffer pain which will make you wish you were dead.]

A change took place in Kang Yoonsoo’s physique.

Although he was already tall, balanced muscles grew on his rather skinny build.

Kang Yoonsoo has become a rather big giant.

He was full of energy.

However, Kang Yoonsoo sighed internally.

 ‘The ancient wolf’s possession is quite effective, but side effects are intense.  I must finish this quickly.’

 “You bastard… I’ll kill you…!”

Lavian swung his sword.

Tens of lightning bolts struck towards Kang Yoonsoo.


However, Kang Yoonsoo did not dodge them.

In fact, he intentionally let the lightning hit him.

Incredible pain washed over him, but his expression did not change at all.

Since Kang Yoonsoo bore the brunt of the attack, everyone behind him remained safe.

 “Kang Yoonsoo!”

Shannete screamed desperately.

She has seen Kang Yoonsoo do many strange thing so far, but she had never seen him get injured.

That same Kang Yoonsoo was now fighting the monster even though he was being attacked.

Her hands clenched around her scythe.

Kang Yoonsoo was able to endure the lightning bolts.

Black smoke rose up from his body, but he firmly held his big sword.

The veins in his arm bulged.

Dashing forward, Kang Yoonsoo swung his sword with all his might.


Lavian, who was able to stand strong against White, was pushed back.

The homunculus screamed as his chest was sliced open.


Kang Yoonsoo’s swing was not only powerful, but so fast it was almost impossible to dodge.

Great swords normally had incredible power, but they moved quite slowly.

However, Kang Yoonsoo’s great sword followed an agile and smooth curve when he swung it.

The injury from the sword caused Lavian to be pushed backwards.

However, even though he was pushed back, Lavian also swung his long sword, swinging downward with all his strength.

 “Turn into… a pile of ash…!”


Many lightning bolts struck alongside the sword attack.

Without missing a beat, Kang Yoonsoo blocked every single attack.

He performed a series of defensive moves that made it hard to believe he was using a great sword.

Although he felt a stinging shock every time the electricity made contact with his palm, he continued to swing his sword without any reaction.

However, as Lavian’s sword continued to attack nonstop, Kang Yoonsoo’s sword was cracking, little by little.

 “Shannette, Sally, and White.  Support me.”

The three of them, who had lost their focus at the sudden turn of events, quickly came back to their senses.

Sally infused flames into every weapon, turned into a lizard once more, and used the wrath of flame skill.

White growled, engaging in the battle with a different attitude than before.

If it had previously been fighting because it was enraged, now it was only fighting in order to help Kang Yoonsoo.

Although Shannette did not have any particular technique, she dashed to join the battle, determined to assist however she could.

Although it was small, Lavian began to accumulate damage once more.

 “Should, should we also help?”

Turning to Shin Hanyul, Lee Kanghyun asked.

However, seeing that his magic had only strengthened Lavian, Shin Hanyul felt despair and was unable to make a decision.

Lee Kanghyun hesitated and bit his lips, before yelling at the other members.

 “Let’s go!  We, too, will help Kang Yoonsoo!”


The swordsmen swung their swords with all their might.

Although lightning bolts fell with every swing that Lavian made, Kang Yoonsoo stepped forward and absorbed all the attacks.

No matter how capable he was of absorbing damage, he could not have continued for so long without having superhuman willpower.

Each time Kang Yoonsoo struck Lavian with his great sword, the homunculus was pushed back, gritting his teeth.

Although Kang Yoonsoo’s strength overpowered Lavian, the cracks had reached the tip of his sword.

As the tip of the sword broke, the power of its attack became noticeably weaker.


Kang Yoonsoo spoke calmly and quietly.

Having understood the situation, Shannette immediately threw her scythe with all her might.

Kang Yoonsoo picked up the scythe with his left hand, and, holding the great sword in his right hand, swung the two flame engulfed weapons downwards in a criss-cross pattern.


The homunclus’ chest was split open.

Lavian died in the end.

“Minerva… A blood revenge on all the alchemists…!”

Lavian’ body turned into powder and vanished.

All that remained was a red heart and the longsword.

After picking up the items that Homunculus Lavian had dropped, Kang Yoonsoo plopped down to the ground.

His body, which had gained bulging muscles, quickly returned to normal.

He threw away the shattered great sword.

[You’ve defeated the alchemical life form Homunculus Lavian (boss, level 132).

Your level has increased by 16.]

 “We, we won!”

 “We’re good!  We’re going to live!”

Lee Kanghyun’s teammates hugged each other.

At that moment.


 “The space, the space is falling apart!”

 “The Chimera Dimension is falling apart because the boss is dead!”

 “We have to leave, now!”

There, far in the distance, they saw a crack opening.

White and Sally quickly returned to the summoning space, and all of the people dashed toward the exit as quickly as they could.

Shannette hurriedly turned back and looked at Kang Yoonsoo.

 “Kang Yoonsoo, let’s go out quickly.  It’s dangerous!”

However, Kang Yoonsoo did not stand up.

Instead, he fell down completely.

Shannette’s eyes widened.

Kang Yoonsoo’s body was shivering all over.

As his bulging muscles returned to normal, they began to hurt terribly.

On top of that, he has also taken a lot of damage during the fierce battle.

 ‘Feel like dying.’

He could not move on his own.

Kang Yoonsoo said quietly to the panicking Shannette.



Kang Yoonsoo said earnestly.

 “Carry me on your back.”


Shannette put Kang Yoonsoo on her back.

With all her might, she ran towards the crumbling exit of the Chimera Dimension.

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