Record of a Thousand Lives: Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Shannette was in horror having learned that she had slept in the same bed with Kang Yoonsoo.

 ‘Gosh, I slept with a man in the same bed… I mean I was exhausted…. Gosh, I must have gone crazy.’

She felt like her face was burning as it turned red.

After washing herself, she massaged her abdomen for no reason.

 ‘Did I properly cover myself with the blanket when I went to bed?  What if I had exposed my abdomen while sleeping… I don’t even want to imagine it.’

It was in the afternoon when Kang Yoonsoo woke up.

He said after finishing the late lunch which Shannette had brought him.

 “Let’s stop by the workshop before leaving Hiledan.”

 “Work shop?  What do you want to buy?”

 “Want to make a weapon for you.”

Shannette’s eyes opened wide.

 “A weapon for me?”

The sharpness of her scythe has certainly gotten quite dull after the battle with Lavian.

It was expected since the weapon has been in use since she was in Kellyine Territory, and she used it quite liberally, too.

 ‘The Chimera Dimension is destroyed, and also obtained the legendary quest.  Everything seems to be going well, so far.  Want to make the weapon first then proceed with the legendary quest.’

Perhaps, it was because he wasn’t fully awake that Kang Yoonsoo felt dizzy.

Shannette looked a little bit concerned.

Looking down on her abdomen, she gently rubbed it.

 “My abdomen, by any chance did you feel it?”

It was then.

Kang Yoonsoo’s nonchalant eyes noticeably shivered.


It was for a very brief moment.

Slowly, his past life came to his mind.

The surrounding area crumbled as the world changed.

Shannette was mature than now, and even the inside space was transformed, so it looked more humble and comfortable.

Even the clothes which they were wearing were changed.

Unlike her former glamorous façade, Shannette had  a deep unsightly, burned mark. 

However, she was prettier than anyone.

Kang Yoonsoo surveyed the surrounding area.

It was still the time when he did not get sick of the world from exhaustion.

Hugging her own bloated abdomen, Shannette smiled.

 ‘What should we name our baby?’

He, in his past life, put on an earnest smile, and gently rubbed her abdomen.

 ‘Our baby’s name is…’

Suddenly, Kang Yoonsoo wanted to vomit.



Kang Yoonsoo repeated.

Don’t make me remember.

I did love you, but.

I did love the baby, but.

Now, there is no one.

It is because the present you could not be the same you of that time.

…..But then what was love.

 “Kang Yoonsoo?”

The world has returned to normal.

He found Shannette’s eyes opened wide as he saw her looking at him.

Shannette was truly surprised.

For really a brief moment.

It was truly for a very brief moment.

An expression passed through Kang Yoonsoo’s usual nonchalant face.

But it was very short and blur.

Shannette did not know what that expression really meant.

 “…..Kang Yoonsoo?  Are you angry?”


Kang Yoonsoo shook his head wildly.

However, his thoughts remained in his heart for a long while.


After leaving the inn, they purchased some food and essential items from the street vendors.

Then they went to the ironsmith workshop.

The sound of the hammering was loud, and the heat from the workshop made their eyes sting.

 “How can I help you?”

An old man with long white beard asked.

Although he was an old man, he was the owner of the shop, and looked to have a strong physique.

Kang Yoonsoo showed Lavian’s long sword.

 “I want to purchase a fitting housing for this sword.”

The ironsmith raised his eyebrows as he looked down on the long, black sword.

 [Lavian’s long sword]

Level – Rare

Attack power:  52

The sword which was personally created by Homunclus Lavian.  Great power is exerted when Homunclus used it.  The true power of the sword has become accessible after mid-level magic was absorbed.

* Able to use absorption of life form skill.

* Each time the opponent is killed with it, the attack power grows stronger by absorbing the life organisms.

* Delivers injuries that weaken the opponent’s fighting ability.

* The sword’s properties will change when an alchemist is killed.

The performance of Lavian’s long sword was excellent.

Not only was the sword blade incredibly sharp, it was also lighter than the ordinary long swords as it was made out of special material, rather than steel.

It was sharp and easy to use, and the sword’s performance increased at every time the opponent was killed.

It wasn’t as good as the spirit sword which gets enhanced along with its owner, but many swordsmen would covet it, should it be put out on an auction market.

 “It’s not an ordinary item.  Wait here.  I’ll give you a fairly good one for you.”

The old man brought out a black sword housing just like the color of the sword.

The size of the housing was just perfect for the long sword.

After paying the old man, Kang Yoonsoo placed the Lavian’s long sword on his waist belt.

 “I’d like to use the workshop.”

 “It will be 1 silver coin for every 3 hours.  The price of the workshop usage in Hiledan is more expensive than other cities.  However, since you’ve shown me a rather good sword, I’ll cut the price down to 80 bronze coins.  You can use the space over there.”

After paying for the use of the workshop, Kang Yoonsoo entered the shop.

There, in the workshop, some enforcers of the continent and ironsmith level explorers were either making or fixing various weapons.

Shannette was surprised to see the scene of muscular women, busily hammering away, while wearing only a thin garment. 

Unexpectedly, there were more than a few women who worked as ironsmiths at the workshop.

 “Give me the scythe.”

Shannette quietly handed the cracked scythe.

Taking the scythe, Kang Yoonsoo placed it inside a mold and melted it inside the melting pot.

As the steel turned into liquid, Kang Yoonsoo took out a light green ingot from his knapsack.

Immediately, every ironsmith’s attention was drawn to him.

 “Hey, is that mithril?”

 “No, dummy!  What ironsmith would bring a mithril to a remote, country city like this.  He probably colored it to make it look like one.”

 “But, what sort of fame and fortune will someone seek by coloring an ingot?”

Two middle aged people were talking to themselves as they looked over at Kang Yoonsoo.

What Kang Yoonsoo took out from the knapsack was real mithril.

It was the mithril metal which was smelted in Kellyine Region.

Mithril was said to be a blessed metal.

Even if only a short dagger was made out of it, not only would the destructive power be great, but the aesthetical effect would be amazing, as well. 

If an armor suit was to be made out of it, strong defensive ability and endurance will be obtained, and ordinary steel spears would not be able to penetrate it.

Sometimes, by outpouring the divine power, it was used in making an armor suit or sword of a religious sect.

Kang Yoonsoo placed one of the two mithril ingots he had into the mold, containing the melted scythe.

When the mithril was added to the hardening steel, mysterious green light whirled around the area.

Finally recognizing it to be the real thing, the ironsmiths screamed in excitement.

 “Mithril!  That’s real mithril!”

 “Does he even know how to handle it properly?  That’s such a precious metal!”

There were even some who stopped what they were doing and hurriedly gathered around Kang Yoonsoo.

One female ironsmith approached Shannette and said.

 “Hey, miss.  That young man, does he know how to use a mithril properly?  Mithril is something that even a master cannot touch lightly.  How about letting me make the weapon for you?  Even with a single, small mistake, the effects of mithril will be lost.  There is nothing more sickening, to an ironsmith, than seeing that happen.”

 “Well, I don’t think that will happen?”

Shannette replied smiling.

Kang Yoonsoo poured the melted metal mixture into a mold.

As the mixed metal took up a specific form, he grabbed the hammer.

Each time Kang Yoonsoo hammered at the anvil, the ironsmiths all sighed out loud as they were all worried about him breaking the mithril by mistake.

 “Are you not hammering it too hard?  If they don’t get evenly distributed, the weapon could get messed up.”

 “Thup-thup.  Look at him.  The young one doesn’t know the value of that precious material.  He will regret it for trying to use it.”

Even with the concerns, coming from every direction, Kang Yoonsoo did not hesitate.

The sound of the hammer reverberated at a fixed interval, and there was not a single mistake.

Even the highly experienced ironsmiths were impressed by what they were seeing.

 “The young one does not even get nervous.  He is doing better than expected?”

 “Anyone would get nervous when handling material like that…. He’s quite good.”

The hot mixed metal began to harden and was turning into a good weapon.

Kang Yoonsoo’s skill was excellent, and the weapon was coming to its final form.

Then suddenly, Kang Yoonsoo stopped hammering.

The hardening mixed metal quickly cooled.

All the ironsmiths were in horror as if it was their own business.

 “Hey, why are you stopping all of a sudden?”

 “Hammer it a bit more!  It’s not done, yet!”

There were even a few ironsmiths who approached with their own hammers, wanting to complete the job for him.

Using his right hand which had on the life suppression ring, Kang Yoonsoo slightly rubbed the handle of the hammer.

 “Soul freedom.”


The soul of Lee Minchan which has been sealed inside the life suppression ring.

Kang Yoonsoo has just freed that soul.

The white, dim soul wildly flew around the air in painful shriek.

Shannette and the ironsmiths were all shocked.

 “What, what is that?”

 “The fallen spirit.”


Shannette looked incredulous.

 “Why are you releasing such a thing all of a sudden?”

 “To use it as an ingredient.”

Kang Yoonsoo raised the hammer.

Then the spirit encapsulated the hammer.

Kang Yoonsoo forcefully swung down the hammer with the soul encapsulating it.


The soul which had encapsulated the hammer smeared into the mixed metal.

After submerging it into cold water, the weapon making was completed.

It was a big scythe with the ambience of eerie green, blue color.

 [Death Scythe]

Level – Rare

Attack power:  47

A death spirit weapon with the fallen soul.  It causes enormous pain to the opponent’s spirit as well as the body.  Mixed with small quantity of mithril, a masterful ironsmith has perfected the weapon.

* Causes fatal injury to a spirit type monster.

* The opponent’s wounds do not heal well with ordinary treatment methods.

* Randomly drops one of the seven curses to the fatally injured opponent.

 [You’ve created an incredible object with your skill.

Equipment creation, a new skill, is created.]

 [Equipment creation]

Skill level – Lv1 (00.00%)

Makes either a weapon or a defensive equipment.

 [Death scythe, a deathly spirit weapon, has been created.

A product of an excellent ironsmith.

The equipment creation skill level is rising explosively.]

 [Equipment creation skill level has gone up.

The attack power will increase when weapon is created.]

 [Equipment creation skill level has gone up.

The created defensive equipment’s durability will be substantial.]

 [Equipment creation skill level has gone up.

Hammering skill becomes more masterful.  The created equipment’s fit will be enhanced.]

 [Equipment creation skill level has gone up.

The chance of failure in the equipment creation process will be reduced.]

 [Equipment creation skill level has gone up.

A rather good product could be created even when low quality tools are to be used.]

 [Equipment creation skill level has gone up.

The durability of every created item will go up by one level.]

 [Equipment creation skill level has gone up.

With the increased understanding in the technique of ironsmiths, it becomes easier to destroy opponent’s equipment.]

As soon as he ascertained the equipment creation skill, Kang Yoonsoo earned 7 levels.

It was the result which could only be achieved for an ordinary ironsmith to work at least 3~4 tireless months.

The ironsmiths couldn’t help, but be awed.

 “What the heck is that, anyway?”

 “I’ve never seen anyone use a soul to make a weapon, until now!”

Kang Yoonsoo handed the death scythe to Shannette.

She took the weapon in confusion, and placed it on her waist belt.

The big scythe’s blade was sharper, and the weight was lighter than the earlier one.

Shannette’s cheeks turned red.

Although it was a weapon for battles, she was appreciative of his efforts in making that weapon for her.

She thought that it was fitting of Kang Yoonsoo for making her a weapon, rather than giving her a flower or a doll.

Then suddenly, she couldn’t help, but smile.

Kang Yoonsoo looked at her as he thought it was strange.

 “Why are you smiling.”

 “Oh, it’s nothing.”

Shannette smiled as if nothing bothered her.

Kang Yoonsoo said.

 “Let’s go.”


The ironsmiths did not even have the chance to ask for their names.

The two left the workshop.

Shannette smiled brightly.

 “I think you’re really great.  You can even make a wonderful weapon like this, so easily, too.”

Kang Yoonsoo suddenly turned his head in a leisurely way.

He looked at Shannette who was following him from behind.

He will travel with her even in his thousandth life.

However, he couldn’t always be with her.

It was because she would always dissipate like the candle in the wind, in the end.

That was because he couldn’t protect her.

A blurry expression passed over his eyes.

Kang Yoonsoo repeated what he has always wanted.

 ‘Pray that I can only protect you in this life time.’

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