Record of a Thousand Lives: Chapter 29

Chapter 29

After passing though the desolate wasteland, they came to a ground overgrown with weeds.

They felt a slow inflow of moisture as they moved out of the dry land.

Having walked all day, Shannette and Kang Yoonsoo had to camp there.

He made fire, and she prepared the dinner.

Underneath the open night sky, grayish smoke rose up into the air.

 “This is our next destination, right?  It may take about 10 days by walking.”

Shannette said as she pointed to a corner of the map.

It was the city of Riyadh which was located in the north of Hiledan.

Kang Yoonsoo recalled his memory.

 ‘Have to find that puppeteer, first, when we get to Riyadh.’

The puppeteer with a high level of craftsmanship.

He was a person who needed to accompany them in order to easily complete the legendary quest.

However, there was one place which he had to stop by beforehand.

Kang Yoonsoo spoke.

 “There is a place we have to stop by before going to Riyadh.”

 “Is it another ruin by any chance?”

Shannette felt worried as she thought about the Ultica Ruins.

Kang Yoonsoo shook his head again.

 “A hunting ground.”

 “A hunting ground?  Are you talking about a monster habitat?”


Kang Yoonsoo, who was drinking a light beer, suddenly extended out his right arm.

 “Summoning Sally, the salamander.”

As a flame whirled around in the empty air, a beautiful girl appeared.

However, for some reason, Sally looked sad.

There was a deep anxiety on the face of the beautiful, doll like face.



 “Make me a little sibling.”

 “Cough!  Cughhhh!”

Shannette who was chewing on dry bread almost choked.

After a drink of water, she was barely able to speak.


 “Uhhhh.  Why not?  Mommy and daddy can make me one.”

Sally’s tear filled eyes glistened as she looked at Shannette.

There was an anticipation that Shannette’s heart would mellow out when she looked into the innocent eyes, but she sternly refused it by shaking her head.

 “No.  That cannot happen, Sally.”


Covering her face, Sally sniffled.

Putting on the motherly smile on her face, Shannette embraced the girl.

 “Sally.  Why do you want a little sibling?”

 “Sniffle!  The summoning space is so boring!  The doggie always growls, and the undead does not understand me!  I want to have a little sibling to play with!  Waaaa!”

Sally persisted as she cried.

Shannette scratched her burned cheek.

It wasn’t that she did not understand Sally, but what wasn’t allowed wasn’t allowed.

 “Sorry Sally.  Unfortunately, not everything you want is possible in the world.  A life is not easily created, just because you want it.”

She looked over at Kang Yoonso.

 “Isn’t that right, Kang Yoonsoo?”

 “Well, it’s not something that couldn’t be done?”


Shannette looked as if she had been hit over her head with a hammer.

Her face turned red.

 “Real, really?”


 “Wow!  You’re the best daddy!”

Sally ran over to Kang Yoonsoo, and kissed his cheek.

Unlike Sally who looked dumbfounded, Kang Yoonsoo stood up.

 “Sally, there is something you have to do.”


Following behind Kang Yoonsoo, they arrived at a dreary swamp.

Unknown plants filled the area, and bugs were crawling on the ground.

Underneath a deep puddle of water, they saw a muddy swamp.



The fire spirit brightened up the dark area.

Sally changed into the lizard form.

The salamander spewed out flames into the air.

The power of the flame, which was coming out of her mouth, was incomparable to the power of the flames which used to be spewed out of her when she was a little girl.

Shannette looked curious.

 “What are you going to do with Sally’s fire?”


Kang Yoonsoo spoke quietly.

Soon, they heard quiet sound of another person.

With the slushing sound of the mud, they heard something crawl out of the swamp.


The sound of slushing cry.

Covered with mud, one by one, there walked out some kind of life forms from the area.


Mudjams were life forms that usually lived underneath the swamps, and they desired light.

Seeing the bright light, the huge mudjams slowly walked towards it.

It was when one of the mudjams extended out his slushing hand toward Sally.


The mudjam’s right arm severed as the mud fell to the ground.


The mudjam screamed out loud in pain.

On the other hand, Kang Yoonsoo raised the blood soaked sword.

It was the long sword of Lavian.

It was the time to use the new sword which he had ascertained.

As he yelled out grotesque cry, the mudjams indiscreetly began attacking by wildly swinging their arms.

Lowering his posture, Kang Yoonsoo dashed forward.

He wielded his right arm like a tornado while holding the sword.


Instantly, three mudjams fell to their knees with serious wounds.

Kang Yoonsoo’s sword wielding skill couldn’t be easily dodged, either.

Unlike the machete, which he used before, Lavian’s sword was thin, so he could quickly slash through the opponents.

Without sustaining any injuries, He easily cut through the mudjams.

Each time the sword slashed mudjam’s flesh, his attack power grew little bit stronger.

Shannette, too, pointedly raised her death scythe.

As she wielded her big, blue white scythe, the mudjam’s heart burst without much resistance.

Shannette was subtly surprised.

The performance of her scythe was overwhelming compared to her older scythe.

 ‘Truly great.’

It was a refreshing surprise.

The swordsmanship, item creation, alchemy, and even undead resurrection ability.

Was there anything Kang Yoonsoo could not do.

She was even more curious as to who he really was.

Shannette showed a worrisome face after she penetrated through the heart of a mudjam.

 “Is Sally going to be OK?”

 “I’ll send her back to the summoning space if she encounters danger.”

The mudjams that were approaching Sally were all killed by Kang Yoonsoo and Shannette.

Trusting them, Sally kept spewing out flames.

As the spirit fire became brighter, more mudjams gathered.

As the hunt continued, the number of the mudjams quickly decreased.

The last mudjam sprang out of the swamp.

Unlike the other mudjams, it was a little bit bigger than the others, and a unique jewel was embedded in the center of its heart.


Magic mudjam.

Unlike the other ordinary mudjams, it was a special type that was able to wield magic.

When he pounded the ground with his large hands, the mud, in the swamp, splashed up into the air.


It was the mud controlling magic.

The mud not only made it difficult to see, but it attached to the body, so that it became hard to move as well.

As Shannette was covered with the mud, the mudjam immediately attacked her, so that he would not lose the chance.

However, Kang Yoonsoo was already standing in front of her.

As he swung his sword upwards, the mudjam’s chin was slashed off.


The mudjam could not keep his consciousness with that single deadly strike.

At that moment, Kang Yoonsoo swung down his sword.

And swinging the sword to his left at the same time, he swung the sword horizontally.

When his motion stopped, the mudjam was cut up in to unsightly pieces.

Kang Yoonsoo grabbed the large, shining stone from the mudjam’s dead body.

 [The jewel of the mudjam]


It shines like a jewel, but there is not much value.  It contains a small quantity of mana.

Extending his right arm out, Kang Yoonsoo spoke.

 “Group resurrection.”

The fallen mudjams rose up as they shed mud.

The mud which turned yellowish green had foul odor.

 [Saved 76 rotten mudjams inside the summoning space.

Presently, in the summoning space – 76 rotten mudjams, White, the white beast.

The possible storable number – 623]

Then Sally, who turned into a small girl, approached with twinkling eyes.

 “Daddy, what about my little sibling?”


 “Uhhh.  Daddy, then make a promise with Sally.  Really, you’re going to make me a little sibling?”

Sally extended out her little finger. 

Kang Yoonsoo made a promise by twisting his little finger with hers.


 “Thank you!  I love you daddy, and mommy, too!”

Kang Yoonsoo sent Sally back into the summoning space, too.

As only the two remained, Shannette said in a quiet voice.

 “Sorry.  I’ve just become a baggage, this time around.”

 “It’s alright.”

However, Shannette could not help, but feel frustrated.

After all, she had been one of the five most revered warriors when she was a soldier under the territory leader Hermia.

However, when she observed the way Kang Yoonsoo fought, she couldn’t help, but feel inadequate.

No matter what type of opponent they encountered, he was able to so easily defeat them.

In no time, his level which was lower than hers was increasing to narrow the gap.

 ‘But then why do I want to be helpful to that man?’

Shannette felt curious.

Then she suddenly thought about the sculpture of power.

As there has been tremendous growth until now, some changes must have taken place, for sure.

Moving her hand above her head, she examined her condition.

 [Shannette Elogran]

148 hours to opening the first level of the sculpture of power.

The waiting time has been reduced as the growth occurred.

Not much time remained before the sculpture of power could be opened.

Kang Yoonsoo who was watching her without saying anything spoke.

 “Have to develop you faster.”

For some reason, Shannette felt like she has become one of his pets.

It was then.

A quiet voice was heard in Kang Yoonsoo’s ear.

-A change is coming in short order.  You have to be ready for that.

Kang Yoonsoo looked at Shannette.

 “What did you just say?”

 “What?  I didn’t say anything.”

He looked around with sharpened curiosity.

However, there was no one else around, other than Shannette and himself.

All he could hear was the meaningless sound of the blowing wind.

 ‘Did I really get so bad to even hear voices.’

As he knew that he wasn’t completely sane, it wasn’t that surprising to him.

He often encountered hallucinations from his previous lives.

Kang Yoonsoo felt anxious and curious, but he didn’t worry too much over it.

At least, until now.

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