Record of a Thousand Lives: Chapter 31

Chapter 31.  Record of a Thousand Lives

Henrick laughed in vain and said.

 “You can craft jewels better than me?”

Kang Yoonsoo nodded.

 “If you do not use your left hand, like right now.”

At that moment, Henrick stared sharply.

Then finding calm again, Henrick put on an incredulous expression.

The middle aged man stroked his mustache with his rough hand.

 “Truly, our family’s heirloom is supposed to be only passed down to the best jewel maker, and a precedent has been set.  However, how can your craftsmanship be verified?  You look too young to me.”

 “I can craft an ancient grand stone.”

 “Ancient grand stone?  You kidding me?”

Henrick opened his eyes wide.

 “The ancient grand stone is not only difficult to ascertain due to its 1st rate rarity, and even the first class craftsman has tough time handling it.  And you think you are able to craft it?”

 “If you are willing to give me time, I’ll find the material and personally demonstrate how I craft it.”

 “Can’t believe it.”

Henrick sharply stared at Kang Yoonsoo.

But soon, the middle aged man sighed.

 “Alright, damn it.  You’ve brought the mudjam’s treasure, and given me a silver coin, I’ll give you a chance, for it.  However, if any aspect of your craftsmanship is not to my liking, I’ll treat you like foolish newbie that you are.”

 [The ultimate craftsman]

The drunk, Henrick, was the retired, designated craftsman of the imperial women.  The Ellickerson family has always produced excellent artists from the ages ago, and Henrick, too, was born with the artistic talent.  Craft an ancient grand stone before Henrick’s eyes.

*Henrick’s opinions are tough.  It will be hard to satisfy his vision.

*After 14 days, the quest/request will be cancelled.

*Failing the quest/request will result in losing Henrick’s trust.

Reward – The family heirloom of the Ellickerson family

The hidden quest.

It was a quest which couldn’t haven’t been won over had Henrick been treated as a shabby, old drunk.

Kang Yoonsoo nodded slightly and left the area.

 “Thank you.”

Bowing to Henrick, Shannette also left, following behind Kang Yoonsoo.

Scratching his cheek, Henrick nonchalantly looked at the back of Kang Yoonsoo.

He was curious of Kang Yoonsoo’s ability to see the depth of things.

 “That bastard, is he really a young man?”

It was strange.

On the surface, he was unmistakably a young man, but he seemed to be a much older than an elf that lived for several hundred years, on the inside.

Henrick cringed as he scratched his cheek.

He has seen similar eyes which Kang Yoonsoo had before.

An unpleasant memory was being recalled.

The middle aged man made a tight fist, and then relaxed his hand for some reason.

However, strangely, it was a very unnatural motion.

 ‘He did not discover the secret of my left hand, I’m guessing.’

Henrick shook his head wildly.

 “Well, so what.  He will not bring the ancient grand stone, anyway.”

The ancient grand stone was very rare such that even the dwarfs had tough time finding it.

There were a total of 9 characteristics in the ancient grand stone, and every one of them contained a mysterious and awesome power.

Such an ancient grand stone was difficult to be crafted into a perfect jewel, even at the hands of the first-rate craftsman, putting great efforts on crafting it for many days and nights.

But then, he was going to craft such a difficult to handle mineral?

It could never happen.

To go get a drink, the drunk slowly left the back alley.


The Redstone Excavators were located at the remote rocky area, in the north side of Riyadh.

Tens of excavating tents were pitched over a wide area, and several hundreds of archeologists, explorers, and adventurers were busy digging or sweeping the ground.

Most of their efforts failed to find anything as they only uncovered gravels or stones.

For those who were lucky, they would sometimes find rusty swords, or strange looking, decorative hair pieces.

 ‘I remember my life working as an excavator class.’

In his former life, Kang Yoonsoo had the experience of going through every excavation site after forming the biggest excavation clan.

Rather than simply digging up buried items, he sometimes used to uncover through the earth layers, taking out lava rocks in its entirety, or discovering buried ruins.

 ‘Truly I’ve held every type of ancient artifacts in my hand.  Especially, the ancient god’s arms and weapon set was the best, perhaps.  It even defended against the breath of the destroyer dragon, and the Syrian horse spear.’

Of course, that was in the ancient times.

For some reason, Kang Yoonsoo was deep in reminiscing the old days, so he shook it off by shaking his head.

Passing through them, the two entered the largest excavation tent.

The tent was filled with scholars who were busy going through the pages of old books.

Among them was an old man, who was sitting at the tallest desk, and examining a marble, using his magnifying glass.

The slightly bent silver frame glasses and grayish white hair were telling the story of his life.

Setting down the magnifying glass, he looked curious.

 “What are you two?  What do you want?”

 “We want to join the excavation team.”

 “Ahh, and your names are?”

 “I’m Kang Yoonsoo.”

 “I’m Shannette.”

The old man raised his glasses over the top of his nose and spoke.

 “I’m LeMax.  I’m an archeologist, and the leader of the ancient grand stone excavator’s clan.  I sometimes double time as a historian, too.  The fee to join is 10 silver coins.”

Kang Yoonsoo paid the fee.

 [You have become a temporary member of the Redstone Excavation Clan.

The present achievement:  0]

LeMax stood up and put his hands behind his back.

 “I’m happy to see that many young people are joining in the exaction efforts, but somehow, I feel that they are coming for the purpose of finding treasures, rather than history.  It’s not such a good phenomenon.”

 “Treasure hunt?”

LeMax nodded when Shannette asked.

 “If you guys bring some buried items from the sites, the clan prices those items appropriately and pays you.  The achievements can be exchanged for rare items or useful equipment at our clan.  I believe that the young people are coming here for the achievements.”

LeMax clicked his tongue with unappreciative expression as he looked at the travelers that were busy shoveling the ground.

 “Excavation is not treasure hunt.  It is a great work of chasing after lost history.  I pray that you two will keep that in mind.”

The leader of the excavation clan pointed that way.

It was a grand boulder with a scary height.

The red dust covered up the boulder’s surrounding area.

 “You can purchase any tools for excavation, like pickaxe, shovel, or magnifying glass.  That boulder is our current area of excavation.  Be careful as some horrendous looking monsters have appeared, and had even severely hurt some people, as well.”

LeMax added to his explanation.

 “If you are scared of monsters then another good option is to look for buried items by digging the areas, around here.  Of course, most of the time, you will just end up finding gravels, though.”

Then Kang Yoonsoo spoke.

 “I want to learn more about the lost history.”


At that instant, LeMax’s expression changed cold.

 “Must be Henrick?  You must have heard it from that drunk.  Gosh.”


 “That blabber mouthed bastard.  If it was up to me, I’d also want to disclose that damn secret, too.”

LeMax said firmly after quickly surveying the two people.

 “I would normally chase you away based on our rules, but since you’ve even joined the excavation clan, I’ll not do that.  Go back.”

 “I’ll bring the stone panel of records.”


 “The stone panel of records.  We need that to chase after the lost history, right.”

LeMax looked surprised, but then he shook his head sideways.

 “The stone panel of records is something that I didn’t even locate.  And you two will bring that?  That’s illogical.”

 “We’ll bring it.”

As Kang Yoonsoo said with such certainty, LeMax shook his head, indicating that he was giving up on seeing them leave the area.

 “I’ll let you have the quest, for now.  However, if you fail, I’ll not even make eye contact with you, at all, going forward.”

 [Legendary Quest – The Lost History]

The stone panel of records is needed to uncover the lost history.  Find the stone panel and bring it to LeMax.

*If you fail, you cannot support the work of the Redstone Excavators’ Clan.

Kang Yoonsoo purchased excavation tools from the excavator clan.

He placed pickaxe, shovel, magnifying glass, brush, and other tools into his knapsack, or wore it on his back.

Shannette was looking curious.

 “Are you going to use all of these tools?”


The two walked towards the giant boulder.

They saw a small crack at the lower part of the boulder.

The inside was dug rather in a deep fashion, and it led to the underground.

 ‘Every time I come here, I feel that the inside is quite expansive.’

The red stone excavation site was quite spacious, and the passage inside was rather complicated.

It meant that there were that much more hidden ruins, as well as awaiting monsters.

 ‘Will excavate all the valuable ruins before that monster was to come out.’

The boss monster of the red stone excavation site.

This was about the right time for that powerful being to wake up.

From the other side of the cave, fluttering sound of wings could be heard.

A big life form was hanging upside down on the cave’s ceiling.

It was the big bat, a big, beast type monster.

The big bats were big bats with sharp canines.

Each of them had big body and had dark wings.

When Kang Yoonsoo and Shannette each drew their respective weapons, the big bats flapped their wings and attacked them from the ceiling.

The flying monster.

They were not as talented in defending compared to other monsters, but they couldn’t be undermined because their quick attack speed, and agility.

Kang Yoonsoo swung the long sword of Lavian with the smallest motion, and sliced up all of the approaching bats.

Although not as skilled as Kang Yoonsoo, Shannette, too, swung her scythe widely.

Drawing a half circle line of passage, the blade of the scythe destroyed the big bats, just as quickly.

The two hunted the big bats without much difficulty.

After completing the hunt, Kang Yoonsoo’s level has even gone up by one, as well.

His level was now at 74.

 “Multiple corpse resurrection.”

When Kang Yoonsoo yelled, the dead big bats wiggled as they rose up.

Their usual brown eyes turned red.

 [Multiple corpse resurrection skill has been raised.

A special characteristic is being added when certain dead bodies are resurrected.]

The ability to absorb blood was added when the big bats were resurrected.

The blood thirsty and violent undead bat.

They were the big, blood bats.

 “Kwrrreeek!  Kwreeek!”

The big, blood bats were thirsty for blood.

The instinct of the undead.

The undead with above certain intelligence level moved more, based on its own instincts, rather than the commands of its master.

Sometimes, some unskilled necromancers would get killed by the undead that were resurrected by the necromancer.

The most critical ability of a necromancer was control.

In order to command a 1 person army, he has to have the appropriate capability.

Raising his right hand, Kang Yoonsoo sent the big, blood bats to the summoning world.

 [317 big, blood bats were saved in the summoning world.

The current inventory in the summoning world – 316 big, blood bats, 76 rotten mudjams, White, the white beast, Sally, the salamander.

The number available to store – 306]

The big, blood bats shrieked wildly, but they ultimately obeyed their master’s command.

 “Being a necromancer isn’t easy, either.”

The two walked towards the deep end of the excavation tunnel.

They came up to a number of cross paths, but Kang Yoonsoo walked forward without any hesitation.


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