Max Level Newbie: Chapter 200

Chapter 200.  The Proof (3)


Hoculus was lost for words for a while as Vulcan intensely stared at him.

Vulcan’s focus was intense as if he was studying him.

Perhaps, it was because his face was expressionless, but in some ways, he did appear to be enraged, and the other gods all responded as if that was natural.

It was because everyone believed that Hoculus was going to hit back at that young god’s inappropriate comment. 

However, Hoculus’ internal thought wasn’t leaning that way, at all.

In fact, it could not be more opposite from that.

He heard about the incredible level which Vulcan had reached from his younger brother Honus.

And based on the awesome growth rate, which seemed to be limited by no boundaries, he thought that he, too, would be able to achieve similar accomplishments even if he was to invest his deity in other fields.

 ‘In some ways, it could be seen as the ultimate god has directly recognized Vulcan’s potential…. It was only natural to approve it.’

Ultimately, Hoculus resorted to allowing Vulcan’s request.

However, he was worrying about something else.

He was concerned about other gods’ insurrection and complaints in reaction to his disposition.

As a matter of fact, other than himself and Honus, there was only a very small number of gods that knew of Vulcan’s true abilities.

That was the obvious reality as that bastard has been focused on his own training by decreasing his involvement in terms of ruling the lower worlds, and socializing with other gods.

Hoculus sighed as he looked at Vulcan who he believed has been walking the same path as that of Powell’s, in some sense.

 ‘There is no need to be just like Powell, even to the point of not developing social skills.’

Well, perhaps, it was worse than Powell.

Powell was a being that enjoyed being unique and visible in many ways, but Vulcan was not interested in making appearances that often, such that many other gods weren’t very familiar with his name.

And such a being had the audacity to speak what was on his mind before all these gods.

 ‘It might have been better if he had spoken out in private….Thrrr.’

Internally, Hoculus slightly criticized Vulcan.

Taking his attention away from Vulcan, he surveyed the other gods as they were looking his way.

Internally, he was thinking that it might be better to demonstrate something which could be acceptable by them, rather than simply giving his approval, right there.

Hoculus turned his head back towards Vulcan.

Then he spoke in a mid-low tone of voice.

 “Can you prove what you’re saying?”

 “What are you referring to?”

 “You did say that it was more effective in investing you in the training efforts of magic and sword than trying to build deity level by ruling the lower world.  You must sure have the evidence for saying that.  Show me all that you have achieved, so far.  Certainly, it has to be outside of deity.”

Hearing those words, Vulcan refreshingly smiled and answered happily.

 “Yes, I’ll.”

He was full of confidence, and void of any nervousness.

The gods couldn’t hide their bitter-sweet feelings as they saw that Vulcan wasn’t even thinking about not meeting Hoculus’ expectations.

Youth, as the adjective, rather childish might even be appropriate to describe that god.

It was because the gods were thinking that such a newbie god was just showing false bravado, having been drunk in his own power.

There were often gods like that.

That was, the newly anointed gods that believed that they were the ultimate ones even in Act 3, after having easily moved up by defeating many powerful ones of Act 1 and Act 2.

Of course, they would realize that their attitudes were in error as time went by, but that particular one has failed to see the errors in his way of over estimating his capability.

On top of that, he said that he even had the experience of defeating a demon king that had invaded his world, in the past, that it would be natural for him to feel over confident.

However, all that should end today.

 ‘It could greatly hurt his pride…. But, he can’t help it.’

 ‘He must almost not have any experience of sparring with other gods.  This will be a good opportunity for him to learn his place, perhaps…..’

 ‘I hope that he won’t fall into a great despair.’

Although they weren’t too pleased with his behavior, and that displeasure were shown on their faces, no gods had any animosities towards Vulcan.

As a result, they watched Vulcan, the newbie god who was trying to prove himself, with a concern, and hope for him to be not too negatively impacted by this.

Vulcan did not exactly know their thoughts.

However, he sensed that they weren’t expecting much from him, at least.

He could not, not know that.

From the moment he stepped forward and initiated a dialogue with Hoculus, he has been sensing their intense, unapproving observations.

Of course, they did not have any ill intentions.

In some sense, it could be seen as it having been originated out of their concern, and seemed more like in between giving advice and lashing out.

He could certainly understand that.  He wasn’t even angry about it, either.

 ‘….But can’t shake off my frustration, for now.’

It started from the first moment when he arrived at Act 3.

The world was completely different from what he believed was a world in which he could engage in life or death battles against the monsters, by indiscriminately wielding his sword, and using magic.

The senior gods restrained, and limited their own actions by emphasizing the importance of love and sacrifice for the people in the lower world.

In hind sight, he had been evading their watchful eyes, and went around the demon worlds as he pleased, and did everything he wanted, yet, it wasn’t possible to completely ignore their opinions, so Vulcan always had his gripe in his mind.

He closed his lips tightly, and scanned the gods that were before him.

Most of the gods did not reach the 1,500 level when the physical and deity levels were summed up, and only a handful of the gods were at the level of 1,600.

Including Hoculus, only several were over 1,700.

It was safe to say that, at present level, Vulcan would be at the top of the food chain, as far as the skill levels were concerned.

Vulcan took a stance as he drew the thunder and lightning sword which was like his spirit.

And by drawing what could be viewed as a highly aggressive smile, he summoned magic power.

He wanted to clearly show himself to the gods.

That he has progressed too much, and too far for them to confine him.


It was the glorious stage prepared just for him.

And the ones, who have reached the deity levels, were watching the stage.

And in the center of the stage, Vulcan began to demonstrate the power which he has built, so far, without any hesitation.



Instantly, the energies of thunder god and arrival of the hell king engulfed Vulcan’s body.

Faced with such powerful and awesome energy, the gods unconsciously moaned.

It was because they felt the power of overcoming the limitation of magic, from Vulcan.

The force which Vulcan was spewing out was so shocking that some of the gods even thought that there was nothing more to prove.

However, that wasn’t the end of it.


As soon as the demon god’s protection spell, which facilitated the magic power of the executioner, the force of the lightning and flames which spewed out of Vulcan’s body have become more fierce.

It was because as he became more efficient in controlling the two energies which were like uncontrollable wild horses, he was able to create an environment in which he could increase the output force.


Vulcan has now transformed to a very powerful, blinding light.

The gods that saw it just watched him without saying anything.

Even the sounds of quiet murmuring which were heard just earlier have dissipated.

That was how awesome Vulcan’s demonstration of magic was.

However, Honus knew it, already.

That what Vulcan has shown, so far, wasn’t everything.

The powerful sword skill, which was used to obliterate the very hard mountain summit of Asgarde, in Act 3, many tens of years ago!

As he thought about it, sweat poured down from the fist he was making unconsciously.

 ‘Soon, it will be followed by spewing out of focused, awesome magic energy from the sword…. No one will doubt Vulcan’s power when he shows that….’

Honus was concentrating, with his eyes wide open, in anticipation of the imminent demonstration of the powerful magic swordsmanship.

However, what Vulcan was thinking about was much bigger than what Honus was expecting.

The thunder god’s energy, the arrival of hell king, and demon god’s protection.

If he was to proficiently demonstrate the destructive power of the depth lightning sword, by overlapping the hell fire and volcano explosion, then they would certainly no longer have doubts in what he could do.

However, Vulcan had no intention of exiting this stage simply by doing that.

Vulcan was thinking that this was the pivoting moment of his life in Act 3, and cementing his position in their minds.

No longer wanting to be restrained or constrained by other gods, he desperately wanted to take this opportunity to demonstrate an event which they would never forget.

Hence, the maneuver which he was adding to his performance.

Had it been a real battle, he would never have thought about using it, but when the conditions were ripe for executing the skill with sufficient time, like this, then…..

The final maneuver which he thought he could definitely execute successfully.

The hell inferno.

Vulcan quietly recited the poetic incantation, so that no one else could hear him, and there below his feet, flames in the likes of the hell fire were being summoned, and it provided an extra buff.

Focusing intensely in that condition, Vulcan released the energy of the hell fire sword!

The hell fire sword grew in length from his body, and glared like the sun, and the broadening energy which flowed out of it caused great shock to the congregated gods, such that, they could not even breathe properly.

Of course, the energy which Vulcan was demonstrating was not great enough to overwhelm everyone, there.

However, taking into the account that what he was showing, at this point, was completely void of ‘deity power’, then the other gods’ reactions could certainly be understood.

As if his skill has reached its completion, Vulcan maintained the length of the sword, which grew longer, to approximately 20 meters.

Observing such demonstration, the gods no longer doubted Vulcan’s capabilities.

In fact, the thought that he would even stand toe to toe without much difficulty, even when comparing Vulcan to Powell, was clearly imprinted in their heads.

From this point on, they were no longer in the position of judging Vulcan’s skills.

They have become spectators who were nervously waiting to see how much more Vulcan has become. 

The situation has now become such that all the gods were anticipating the final maneuver which Vulcan was about to execute.

Then there came a voice into Vulcan’s ears by penetrating through the moment off time like that of the stillness before the storm.

 “Vulcan, that’s enough.  The others should have been persuaded, by now.”


Vulcan was about to release the depth thunder lightning sword to the distant mountain, after having engulfed the energy of volcano explosion.

He so wanted to leave an indelible image in the other gods’ brains, by executing an incredibly powerful performance which was sure to overwhelm them, and bring them to shudder.

However, he could not disregard the request of Hoculus who has always been the being which led Asgarde from long ago.

He leered at the other congregated gods, one by one, and then he methodically brought each skill to an end.

He retrieved the long, elongated hell fire sword, cleared the inferno hell fire from under his feet, and cancelled the energies of thunder god, the arrival of hell king, and the demon god’s protection…..

Vulcan dried sweat off of his forehead, accompanied by taking a deep breath, after having removed all his skills, that way.

He spoke to Hoculus.

 “Did I pass?”

He was clearly looking at Hoculus, but it, somehow, felt like he was talking to the other gods around him.

Having recognized that, Hoculus looked at the other gods’ expressions just as he did before Vulcan began his demonstration of power.

Unlike the first time, the gods of Asgarde were all nodding as if to say that they all recognized Vulcan’s power, without any reservations.

Seeing them, in that way, Hoculus, too, nodded his head as he spoke.

 “Do as you please.  Only that even if you were to commence a confined training, I pray you will return to Asgarde within 200 years.”

 “I will.”

Powell spoke quietly as he looked at me putting on a rather pompous smile, and throwing the sword in to its housing.

 “Such a show man.”


 [1 year has passed.]

 [If you are to travel to the demon castle of the Nurhark Dimension, from now, the next quest can commence.]

 [Bid you, the player, a good luck.]

 ‘……Even the system bastard is cheering for me.  It’s making me concerned, for some reason.  How difficult will it be….’

 “What are you thinking about?”

 “Ah, nothing important.”

 “Sure.  When will you return this time?”

 “Ah…I’m not sure.  Since Hoculus told me to come back within the next 200 years, so I reckon in about 200 years later?”

 “You’re such a fool.  Even the dragons did not train like you, not taking any rest.”

 “Haha, thank you for the praise.”

Vulcan and Powell talked about silly things.

They spent much time making small talks, and when they naturally ran out of topics to talk about, Vulcan stood up.

And without saying anything, he took out the magical equipment from the inventory, and opened the dimensional gate which led to the Nurhark Dimension.


A dark portal opened with a blur sound.

Before jumping into the portal, Vulcan said towards Powell.

 “I might be stronger than you, the next time we meet again, Powell.  Please don’t be too upset.”

 “Great confidence?  Get lost before I beat you up.”


Vulcan broke out in laughter in human voice.

Exchanging looks for the last time with Powell, Vulcan jumped into the portal.

At this time, passing through the dimensional gate was so familiar.

And the demon castle of the King Athildeu appeared before his eyes.

As he looked at it, Vulcan tightly grasped the silver key which he was holding in his right hand.

Although he didn’t understand clearly, this was the mysterious land that was going to give him the earnest chance to become a true god.

The quest which was called the final test.

To make an attempt at it, Vulcan moved towards the demon castle.

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